Welcome to Time Expo Design Center a division of Time Realty International Where Satisfaction is of the essence. The Vision of the company is to work with the owner of the project to bring the perception from their minds eye to reality. We at Time Expo Design Center pay great attention to details regardless of size. The whole project has to make sense with the hardware, decor and space because a house no matter how magnificent its architecture or elegance its line, is just a shell, It is a blank canvas awaiting the color, style and details that will transform it into a home. The key to any design project is understanding the lifestyle of the client, and developing a plan to fit that life style and yet functional.
Design regardless of style, Contemporary, traditional or even transitional has to blend to enhance the whole assemble. At Time Expo Design Center every concern is addressed before the completion of the project, plus it has to pass our in house seal of approval. Thanks for giving us the opportunity to work for you.