Kitchen is a place /room set aside for the preparation of food.

The configuration of kitchen comprises of things like Plumbing work, Electrical work, Furniture work and Tilling.

PLUMBING: One of the vital natural resources needed in the kitchen is water and this could be gotten via adequate plumbing works to different areas in the kitchen where water usage is paramount.

ELECTRICAL WORK: Electrical or wiring work is a major aspect of the kitchen that propels other kitchen appliances to function and also illuminate the kitchen via the light.

FURNITURE WORK: When talking about the furniture aspect of the kitchen, one must go directly to cabinetry works of it. Cabinet gives shape and adorns the kitchen structure. For kitchen to be more inviting, there must be color alignment with other facilities in the kitchen.

TILE: Another significant aspect of the kitchen is tile. The type of tile to be use in the kitchen environment must be resistant to moisture and impervious to stains.

COUNTER TOP: Kitchen countertops are an essential platform in the kitchen. It also helps to augment the aesthetic design of the kitchen. And at TIME EXPO DESIGN CENTER undertake both residential and commercial project.