Bathroom is a lavatory or a room dedicated for bathing.

Configuration of a bathroom;

PLUMBING: the plumbing work of a bathroom is as vital as the bathroom itself because it aids the convey of water from the water house (tank) to the bathroom faucets and other bathroom gadget via different channels for bathroom. The important of water in the bathroom is second to none and a quick means of getting it is through the aid of a good, well fix and installed plumbing work.

ELECTRICAL WORK: if you want to pursue darkness, introduce light they say. The electrical work of a bathroom help to illuminate the bathroom and bathroom and also add to the aesthetic design of the bathroom.
TILE: tilling is another important configuration of a bathroom and it help augment the aesthetic design of the bathroom. More so, when considering tile to use for the bathroom. One must consider tile that is resistant to moisture and that doesn’t absorb liquid. Allow us at TIME EXPO DESIGN CENTER conceptualize, design and actualize you dream bathroom.