Welcome to Time Expo Design Center a division of Time Realty International where Satisfaction is of the essence.

TIME EXPO DESIGN CENTER Founded in 2000 in Atlanta USA, and equally incorporated in Federal Republic of Nigeria in May 2009.[DBA] as TIME REALITY INTERNATIONAL LTD.

THE COMPANY EXPO is a building construction, interior design and a specialty retailer of high-end building materials that focuses on all aspect of the trade. The company handles portfolios both Residential and Hospitality projects like Residential homes, hotels, restaurants, lounges, boutiques, offices etc. Not only we build, but must always adhere to international standard, building codes compliance. The name TIME EXPO DESIGN CENTER has come to be associated with luxury, the establishment have cultivated that luxury living lifestyle approach to every concept and design regardless of the budget and size. Yes we have been privilege to work with the low budget project, to a high level Federal government, Federal Republic of Nigeria.